Nancy is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She wishes she could talk to someone who’s been through the same experience.

Marilyn’s family lives far away and can’t travel to visit her very often. She usually relies on email to keep in touch, but her computer is broken.

Paul is a disabled veteran who can no longer drive. Public transportation options in his town are limited, so it’s difficult for him to leave the house.

Bill is 82 years old, lives alone on a fixed income and has difficulty keeping up with the maintenance of his home.

Kyle is looking for a service project for his high school Key Club.

Sarah is a young professional. She wants to be more active in her community, but with her busy schedule, she’s not sure how she can get involved.


Sam has recently retired and is looking for meaningful ways to spend his free time.

Carol is a breast cancer survivor. She has a passion for providing support and encouragement to other women who are fighting the disease.

Nancy and Carol connect through the Help Your Neighbor community message boards. After talking regularly online, they decide to start a local support group for breast cancer patients and survivors.

Sarah finds Marilyn's need for assistance on Help Your Neighbor. Sarah not only fixes the computer, she also teaches Marilyn how to use her webcam to video chat with her children and grandchildren.

Through Help Your Neighbor, Kyle makes arrangements for the Key Club to come over to Bill’s house one Saturday. The students mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, plant new flowers in the beds and clean the house inside and out.

Sam discovers Paul’s story through Help Your Neighbor and contacts him to offer his assistance. They begin planning regular outings – sometimes to a doctor's appointment or the grocery store, sometimes to a baseball game or museum.

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